Our Mission

Is to be a leading company that respects and upholds right business principles to make our company a brighter, better and safer place in which to work. Our aim is to ensure every employee has equal opportunity to have the best possible future- respecting that each individual is different and using this to the best possible advantage. Having utmost respect for the environment in which we work; producing quality products that not only meet, but exceed all relevant regulations and standards.

Quality: If we are to do anything at all, we do it well.

Integrity: Being fair and just in respect for our company, our people, our customers and our long- term future.

Passion: Being committed to being the best supplier of our unique products without sacrificing quality.

Team: Working as a close team; creating a vibrant atmosphere that make our workplace a happier and safer place.

Our values

  • We save lives by supporting our customers in the development, production, installation and support of the most effective passive protection solutions.
  • A passion for service and responsiveness to our customers, our employees and our community.
  • Educating and supporting our people in the application of leading technologies and best business practices.
  • Pursuing excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Holding ourselves accountable to do what’s right.
  • Common sense, accountability and simplicity.