GEBEL has been manufacturing Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic pump stations since 1972.

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These years of experience and our company's diversified operations have allowed us to design, engineer and manufacture a range of high quality Pump Stations.

Our modern plant, equipment and quality assurance procedures ensure both quality and competitive pricing.

Designed in accordance with BS4994 GEBEL's FRP pump stations are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle substances such as water, sewage, farm effluent, petroleum products and chemicals.

GEBEL pump stations are constructed using the technically advanced chop hoop filament winding process which produces not only circumferential strength as found in helical wound pump stations, but also longitudal strength. The interlaminar shear strength permits pump stations to be cut for access man ways and pipe work without any undue loss of integral strength.

Each pump station has a smooth moulded resin rich corrosion barrier inner layer and an external resin rich water penetration barrier. Monitoring the manufacturing process with a digital read out system, the resin rich layer and main laminate resins are kept within specification parameters, thus minimising human error.

Quality control procedures require each tank to be inspected and tested using high tech equipment such as ultrasonic thickness testers, material weights, etc., are recorded against each pump station's unique job number.

Being manufactured in fibre reinforced plastics, our pump stations are light, easy to handle and easy to install. The smooth internal moulded finish provides good protection against scum build up. They are not susceptible to rust, exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and have a life expectancy of over 150 years.