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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Gebel is the official distributer of Nikuni pumps here in Australia.


  • Suitable for circulation, transport and spraying a hot & cool water, brine, heat-transfer oil, as so on.
  • Suitable for compact built-in pump for various temperature controlling machine such as semiconductor chillers and machine tools.

DAF Pumps with base mount


  1. Ultra-compact, lightweight pump.
    It realized ultra-small and lightweight as 131mm length, 3.9kg weight.(1/2 length and 1/3 weight compared to the conventional model)
  2. BKX realizes high pressure and small flow rate.
    BKX can generate high pressure its maximum flow rate 20L/min and the maximum discharge pressure 0.6MPa.
  3. BKX can be installed regardless of the orientation.
    Installation can be freely placed such as vertical, horizontal and upside down, you can dramatically improve miniaturization and design flexibility of the devices.
  4. BKX has no leakage due to the seal–less structure.
    BKX has no seal parts, which occupies much of the cause of failure of the pump. Therefore, BKX is a fuss-free pump and there is no leakage problems
  5. BKX improves reliability with maintenance-free.
    BKX has no limited lifetime mechanical seal and ball bearing, the reliability of the system build-in BKX is improved, it realizes 40,000-hour operation in normal liquid transport.
  6. Rotation speed controller is standard equiped.
    Flexible rotation speed control (Max3600rpm) can be available by using attached accessory driver. Proportional control of rotation speed can be available by using external input (1V to 5V).
  7. BKX reduce a load in working environment due to low operation noise.
    BKX is environmentally friendly and running quietly in the indoor due to low noise design.

Pump Supposition Curve

Pump Supposition Curve


Pump Dimensions

Specification of driver

  • Input power is AC200V single phase.
  • Weight is 1.1kg.