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Xtream Packaged Pumping Stations

Xtream’s Packaged Pumping Stations are popular with water authorities, councils, municipal, civil and construction customers. We deliver high quality packages that suit today’s fast track building methods. You need solutions that provide fast and efficient installation, and our range has been developed to give you just that!

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, our pump stations and lifting station provide simple solutions to complex problems. All models are designed to reduce operating costs and optimise operating efficiency. Above and below ground options can be used in a multitude of applications, in both domestic and commercial environments, from small, OneSource units to dual pump systems, with capacities of up to 300,000 litres per unit. The entire range is easy to install, robust, and virtually maintenance free.

The real benefits

  • Corrosion-free
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Light weight - reducing OHS
  • Complete Packages
  • Trouble free
  • Reduced maintenance

GEBEL FRP Packaged Pump Stations & Emergency

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PS Series FRP Pump Station

The light weight combo packages allows for large installations to be quickly accomplished.

FRP Fibreglass Pump Station Tank Wet Well with Integrated Valve Pit

PSV Series FRP Pump Stations With Valve Pit

The light weight EMPS economy range allows for fast delivery and installation.

HPS Series FRP Horizontal Pump Stations

Horizontal pack ages can be supplied many ways.

PSVE Series FRP Pump Stations With Valve Pit & Emergency Storage

Xtreme offers full emergency storage tanks, along with design and engineering details.