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GEBEL FRP Packaged Pump Stations & Emergency

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PSVE Series FRP Pump Station with Valve Pit & Emergency Storage



These features provide a much needed back up in the case of a serious electrical failure or pump failure:

  • Single, dual or triple pump setups.
  • Free standing or guiderail pump setups.
  • PVC, PE, cast iron pipe work systems.
  • Brass, cast iron, bronze or stainless steel valving.
  • FRP pipework supports.
  • Float or probe hooks.
  • All auxiliary connections (penetrations) as per customer specifications.
  • Galvanised or stainless chain setups.
  • Aluminium, cast iron or fibreglass access covers.
  • FRP inlet stilling tubes.
  • Knife gate valves on Inlet with risers and valve stop box.
  • Inlet grinder guide rails.
  • Valve chamber drain.

The Simple Solution



All stations have been individually engineered to handle the toughest environmental situations.

Proven in the toughest environments including installations in volcanic soils and high water tables.

Reduce OH&S Risks and Cost

  • Minimum ground opening time reduces labour costs and reduces OH&S issues on site.

Light Weight

  • The relatively light weight simplifies handling and reduces costs in transport, handling and installation.
  • No heavy cranes and assembly of heavy concrete sections in the ground; saving considerable costs.
  • Even though Gebel FRP Pump stations are relatively light weight, pound for pound  they are stronger then their competitors materials.
  • Due to the relatively light weight, ease of onsite installation and access again reduces labour cost and down time is reduced.


  • The problem of corrosion due to sewer gases in concrete wells is entirely eliminated giving long life with minimum maintenance. GEBEL PUMP WELLS are manufactured in high grade chemical resistant isophthalic resins and are built to Australian and British Standards.
  • Sewer gases in concrete wells is eliminated by using GEBEL’s FRP Pump station which are corrosion resistant.
  • Prevention of concrete cancer (spalling).


  • The stations have no joins. Being built in one piece, they have a seamless, smooth, clean internal surface that resists scum and sludge build up and allows no leakage to the external environment.


GEBEL Standard PS Series pump station is a vertical fibreglass inground pump well.


  • Pump Station lengths can be varied to suit the application.
  • GEBEL can fit out your station, ready for installation.

Standard Pump Station Diameters

1200mm 2500mm
1850mm 3500mm
2000mm 4000mm

Tech Specs


The design, construction and appropriateness of design methodology of all FRP structures is verified and within the bounds of AS2634:1983, BS4994 and ASME RTP-1 (for details of the verification process please refer to our Verification Procedure). The general construction of the station is as follows:

  • Internal Corrosion Barrier Contact Moulded
    0.5mm “C” Glass Veil Surface layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Internal Corrosion Barrier Backing Layers
    2.5mm ‘E’ Glass Chop Strand tie layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Structural Laminate
    ‘E’ Glass reinforcement in chopped and continuous strands. Minimum glass content 50% (Thickness according to Design requirements)
  • Structural Stiffeners
    Polyurethane Foam rib former overlaid with ‘E’ Glass reinforcement in chopped and continuous strands. Minimum glass content 50% ( Size and Thickness according to Design requirements)
  • External Surface - Final Surface
    0.5mm “C” Glass Veil Surface layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin
  • External Surface - Sealer
    Pigmented ISO/NPG Flowcoat for external protection

Minimum Standards of Design and Construction shall be

  • BS4994 - 1987 Design & Construction of vessels & tanks in reinforced plastics
  • AS2634 - 1983 Chemical Plant equipment in GRP
  • AS1546 - 1983 Underground Tank design
  • AS1770 - 1981 Loading Code

Material Properties

All material mechanical properties are in accordance with international standard BS4994 and are suitable for the intended design and anticipated service conditions.

All structures are Designed, Engineered and Verified as per our procedure set out in our Pump Stations Brochure.

Tank Wall Construction

 Pump Station Construction



FRP: non corrosive

Concrete: subject to corrosion

Package Delivery as our complete homogeneous unit- (no assembly required on site) fully fitted out; thus thus no need to enter the tank once installed. Comes in sections to be joined on site or poured on site then fitting out will need access to a confined space. This will not be required when installing GEBEL Pump Station.
OH&S Quick installation thus minimum ground opening time. Light weight thus reduction of OH&S risks. Long assembly time thus leaving more scope to OH&S Risk. Heavy Handling thus increase’s OH&S risk.
Time Quick installation and light weight resulting in cost savings. Long assembly time thus high crane and labour costs.
Weight Light weight reduces OH&S risk. Heavy handling increases OH&S risk.
Corrosion Corrosion resistant integral construction. Need to coat inside surface to assist in corrosion resistance.
Engineered Engineered for maximum strength allows for ground movement with no structural fatigue. Ground movement can cause cracks and break seals between sections.
Life Expectancy 150 year life expectancy. Often needs to be repaired or refurbished due to early failure from corrosion.
Warranty 75 year warranty. Guarantees with warranties of no more than 5 years.
Maintenance Minimum maintenance smooth internal walls, stays cleaner longer. Rough walls need more frequent cleaning.
Reinforcement No metal reinforcement to cause rust and concrete erosion. Metal reinforcement causing corrosion and concrete sprawling thus erupting the lining which will require confined space entrance and further costs.
Leakage No leaks, homogeneous sealed unit. External leaking from osmosis through the concrete structure.



Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio of an FRP pump station, the process of loading, transport and unloading is simple.

There are no weight issues with FRP as there are with pump stations manufactured out of other materials. Special equipment such as low loaders and overweight floats are unnecessary. Only standard transport/lifting equipment is required.




A prominent feature of GEBEL Aquasafe fibreglass reinforced pump stations is the speed and ease of installation.

Our FRP pump stations can be installed easily. With a two man crew and an excavator, a pump station can be installed in a day!


FRP Pump Station

FRP Pump Station arrives on Site, complete and ready for Installation.


Pump Station Truck

Pump Station is lifted off the truck in one piece.


Pump station lowered

Pump station is lowered into the hole.


Pump Station Leveled

Levelling pump station, pour ballast and connect inlet.


Pump Station Backfill

Backfill around Pump Station.


Complete Pump station

Pump station complete with top slab, Lids, Vent stack and control panel.

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