Storage Tanks

GEBEL’s vast product range includes vessels for vacuum applications, horizontal tanks, elevated tanks, flat based insulated tanks and double walled containment tanks. The tanks can be circular, square or any other shape.

Our standard range of vertical storage tanks are chop hoop filament wound. The combination of high hoop strength provided by filament winding and the multi directional strength of chopped strand laminate results in highly robust and superior products. All tanks manufactured by our company are fully designed in accordance with Australian, British or American standards. Customised resin selection, individual engineered vessel design and in-house drafting services are just some of the unique benefits of an FRP tank manufactured by GEBEL.

Our products can be designed to withstand any specification and each vessel is treated like a new development, meaning that everything is covered to ensure the best possible solution for the customer. Over the years our tanks have been proven in many fields as an extremely durable, quality product with an exceptional lifespan.


  • Chemical storage
  • Chemical processing and mixing
  • Leachate storage
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Ultrapure water storage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Potable water and fire-protection water storage
  • Emergency water for health care facilities
  • Food processing and storage
  • Latex-paint storage
  • Brine Saturators
  • Agricultural product storage and processors

Chemical Storage Tanks 

Ranging in size from small 300mm diameter tanks to over 4 metres in diameter, GEBEL produces acid, alkaline storage and processing that are unequalled for long life and low operating costs. Engineered for high strength. Gebel Production tanks are built with some of the most advanced machinery available.

Underground Storage & Emergency Collection

GEBEL have successfully supplied fibreglass underground storage tanks in Australia for over 42 years Tanks are used for safe containment of wastewater, petroleum products, potable water and industrial chemicals where longevity and the prevention of ground contamination are paramount.